Marine Claim

In the event the cargo arrived in damaged/abnormal condition, please:

1. Without delay, notify our company or the settling/survey agent shown on your certificate/insurance policy

2. Obtain damage/exception report from carrier/forwarder (or tally report from tally company to the same effect); or mark damage/exception on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery

3. Immediately put notice of claim on carrier/forwarder within the time limit set out in the contract of carriage

4. Immediately apply for survey by survey agent indicated in your insurance policy/certificate of insurance

5. Complete and submit Claim Notice Form

6. Submit claim documents as appropriate

7. Co-operate with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Shanghai to pursue recovery

8. No survey is required if the loss is under RMB2,000.00. Photos showing damage at the time of delivery and relevant claim documents will suffice for claims handling


Claims Documents to facilitate the processing of your claim:

1. Claim Notice Form

2. Statement of claim with detailed calculation

3. Commercial invoice

4. Packing list

5. Original marine insurance policy/certificate of insurance

6. Original bill of lading/airway bill (or legible copy with reverse side)

7. Copy ofclauseddelivery receipt, or damage/exception report from carrier/forwarder/tally report to the same effect

8. Copy of notice of claim against carrier/forwarder and their reply, if any

9. Original survey report with fee note

10. Other substantiation documents as required