Corporate Social Responsibility

Swiss Re has always had a tradition of responsible and effective contribution to society and the world we work in.  The Swiss Re Foundation operates globally to make the social and humanitarian values of Swiss Re visible and tangible.


The mission of Swiss Re Foundation is to build societies that are able to withstand and recover from health, environmental and economic risks. We do this where Swiss Re operates or intends to do so in future, as well as in developing countries outside its footprint.


With our new strategy for 2019-2021, we’ve strengthened our focus on three areas where we can leverage Swiss Re’s expertise the most: natural hazards and climate risk management, access to health and income opportunities and innovation to build resilience.


Our strategic commitments aim to help realise the Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to Swiss Re’s mission to make the world more resilient. We strive to share expertise and encourage out-of-the-box thinking to solve problems. Knowing we can multiply impact by teaming up with the right experts, we collaborate with diverse partners – from research universities and think tanks through social enterprises to aid organisations and development-focused NGOs.


Our charitable commitments focus on the locations where Swiss Re has offices, at most of which we run the Charity of the Year programme. Globally, our charitable commitments consist mainly of financial grants for emergency relief measures after severe catastrophes, often supplemented by donations from Swiss Re employees.


In China, Swiss Re Foundation sponsors a programme that targets communities in disaster-prone Sichuan province and offers training to increase awareness of asset loss prevention and survival from natural catastrophe. Partner: China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. 

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